Products and Solutions

Trading Information

Minimum Trading Spread Standard Account
GOLD - Spot Gold (LLG) US$0.40
SILVER - Spot Silver (LLS) US$0.04
HKG - Hong Kong Gold (HKG) HK$5.0


Contract Size

  • GOLD - Contract size for Spot Gold (LLG) is 100 ounces.
  • SILVER - Contract size for Spot Silver (LLS) is 2500 ounces.
  • HKG - Contract size for HKG is 100 tale.

Margin Requirement

Margin Requirement Standard Account
GOLD - Spot Gold (LLG) USD 3,400 per lot
SILVER - Spot Silver (LLS) USD 2,000 per lot
HKG - Hong Kong Gold (HKG) USD 4,100 per lot

Deposit & Withdrawal

Initial Margin

The minimum deposit requirement is HKD 10,000 to open a trading account.


Clients can deposit cheque, transfer or remittance directly to EBL designated bank account. When you obtain the bank deposit slip or remittance receipt, please write down your name and account number (if deposit for new account, please mark “New Account”) and then send the bank slip or receipt to us by fax or by email. The trading account will be credited immediately upon the fund confirmed by bank.



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